Friday, 28 December 2007


This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Bihaagraa on Pannaa 555

mÚ 3 ]
ma 3 ||
Third Mehla:

ikAw jwxw ikv mrhgy kYsw mrxw hoie ]
kiaa jaanaa kiv marehagae kaisaa maranaa hoe ||
What do I know? How will I die? What sort of death will it be?

jy kir swihbu mnhu n vIsrY qw sihlw mrxw hoie ]
jae kar saahib manahu n veesarai thaa sehilaa maranaa hoe ||
If I do not forget the Lord Master from my mind, then my death will be easy.

mrxY qy jgqu frY jIivAw loVY sBu koie ]
maranai thae jagath ddarai jeeviaa lorrai sabh koe ||
The world is terrified of death; everyone longs to live.

gur prswdI jIvqu mrY hukmY bUJY soie ]
gur parasaadhee jeevath marai hukamai boojhai soe ||
By Guru's Grace, one who dies while yet alive, understands the Lord's Will.

nwnk AYsI mrnI jo mrY qw sd jIvxu hoie ]2]
naanak aisee maranee jo marai thaa sadh jeevan hoe ||2||
O Nanak, one who dies such a death, lives forever. ||2||

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

December ...The month where the Great gave up so

Every year we remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made, but to me
this Christmas is little different, because I never knew that on Boxing
Day, is when Sahibzada Fateh Singh (Age 6) & Sahibzada Zorawar Singh,
(Age 8) took Sheedi (Martyrdom) They were the two youngest sons, of Guru
Gobind Singh.

Their short life story is one that shakes the soul....

As the battle of Chumkor, was is full heat, blood & bones broken,
family's separated the two younger sons, fled with their Grandmother Mata
Gujari (Mother of Guru Gobind Singh and Wife of Guru Tegh Bahadur the 9th
Guru) as they fled through the thick forests full of wild animals the young
souls walked on fearlessly reciting the psalms of the Guru's whilst Mata
Gujari told them the great story's from Sikh history!

The two older brothers Sahibzada Ajit Singh and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh,
continued in battle with their father.

After a grueling journey, the young reached the hut of Kuma a Muslim
water carrier, who took in the family in for rest and comfort. The Next
morning the Guru's old servant Gangu arrived and asked Mata ji to go with
him to his village and promised her that their whereabouts would Not be
known and they would be safe.

After trekking all day they reached Gangu's home and lay to rest, after
reciting the evening prayers, during the night Gangu crept into their room
and reached into Mataji's bag and stole her gold coins, as he left Mata ji
heard his footsteps but continued to rest, in the morning she asked Gangu
"Our things are lying scattered about, I hope the door was closed. Where
are the-gold coins?" Without a word he ran out shouting to trace the thief.
Mata ji said not to make a fuss but he was determined that the "thief"
should be found. She said to him he could keep the coins if he so wished as
she knew that he had taken them, Gangu flipped into Rage "So you are
suspecting me. How ungrateful of you. I have given you refuge and this is
the reward I get."

Gangu in anger went straight to the police station and told the officers
of the Mughal court that "I have the sons of the Guru at my house " come
and arrest them straight away. As the officers arrested the family the
villagers cursed Gangu for his betrayal. Both brothers listened to the
tales of bravery of the followers of Guru Nanak, story of the unique
martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur from their dear and
affectionate grand mother.

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Monday, 24 December 2007

North Youth Smagam - AMAZING!!

This past week has been so amazing.

The smagam was just WOW


On wednesday evening, the smagam began and the keertan (hymms) where amazing....people were already here from India, Canada, London and Birmingham. The sangat (congregation) was awesome. The program didn't finish till 21.30.

Thursday morning was even better. More people had turned up from places in UK and around the world. The morning prayers started at 5 but simran (mediation/chanting god's name) started at 3 so me and my sister begged my dad to take us and HE DID!!!!

The evening was way awesome.... below is a audio clip of the keertan!!

Veer Harmandar Singh - may take a while to buffer (sorry) or visit

for full list of people....keep checking for full list!! they'll come slowly!!

Friday Morning was totally awesome too!! Just wish i could have stayed till the end. Me, sis and dad have to leave everyday about 8 because we had school and dad had to get to work.

Friday evening went on till 22.00. It was totally amazing! I can't describe it!!!!!

Saturday morning was very tiring but amazing. I was falling asleep and there was my sister, and two other people keeping me awake!!! I didn't mind....were all family and thats what family does.

Saturday Night was so amazing. Some of the youth took Amrit (got baptised (in a sense)) This night i cannot explain all i can say......... WAHEGURU!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

In Depression - GET NAAM

Sometimes I reflect, why I am treated with racism
And why I feel to be the only scum
Why it is me, why not somebody else
I see in the mirror to remind myself?

Bullying in school because of my looks
Trampling on my spirit, all these crooks
Just to isolate, so they can humiliate
No peace of mind, so how can I concentrate?

What happened? My heart feels pressed
Feels like it's broken, lonely and depressed
Feel like I'm crushed under a heavy mountain
How can I live in this suffering and pain?

These negative thoughts just exhaust me.
My mind gets blocked and desires to be free
Who will help me? Who will support?
Where is the Almighty, to whom I report?

On the job, they try to ignore.
And despite of my hard work, they despise me more.
Full of hatred, prejudice and blame
They should ponder if they really feel shame?

Shame in their heart, shame on their existence
Don’t treat Sikhi with such bad resistance
Stop racial profiling and stop racial discrimination
Humans are the same, why harbour any suspicion?

Why so much hatred? Why so much pain?
Why so much suffering, and nothing to gain?

So it is time to focus and reflect
Let us come together for our better prospect
Peace in our heart. Peace in our soul
Peace in the mind and peace as a whole.

Nothing to worry, nothing is bad
Nothing to fear, so don’t become sad.
Don’t feel broken, don’t feel depressed
It's just temporary, so don’t feel stressed.

Those who exhibit bad intention
Will suffer inside with their own conscience
They will rot in their own negativityB
elieve in God and He will restore your dignity.
When in depression just remember Him.

He will remove all your problems and sin.
Just go and get the power of Naam
So you can relax and become really really calm.
God bless us every time we pray
And living in His hukum is the Sikhi way

-By Anand Bir Singh

Monday, 3 December 2007


To be apart of a family like mine
Is so divine
Where love is shown
Hurt is shared
Our love for each other
Is never impaired

We talk
We laugh
We cry

But we are a family
And we do it all together
For as a family
We do it all as one

You hurt one
You hurt all
And as a family unit
We will all stand tall

For we are family
A family full of strength
A family full of love
A family no one can touch
That's why I love my family so much.