Tuesday, 27 January 2009


from http://everydaysikhee.blogspot.com/2009/01/poem-mool-mantar.html
Poem - Mool Mantar

Granthee © Atma Singh 2008
Mool Mantar
You are the Essence
You are the Form
You are the Source

You are the weft
You are the warp
Oh’ Ever-New…
Siree Ik Onkaar

You are the Truth,
You are the Proof
You are the Known

You are the tears
You are the calm
Oh’ My Beloved…
Siree Sat Naam

You are the Doer
You are the Done
You are the Many

You are the reader
You are the book
Oh’ Beautiful Beholder…
Siree Kartaa Purakh

You are Friend
You are Enemy
You are the Hand

You are the Lover
You are the Loved
Oh’ Perfect Poise…
Siree Nirbhau , Nirvair

You are the Death
You are the Life
You are the Form

You are the Constant
You are the Stable
Oh’ Wondrous Wonder…
Siree Akaal Moorat

You are Alpha
You are Omega
You are the Treasured

You are the Trader
You are the Traded
Oh’ Perfect Perfection…
Siree Ajoonee Saibhang

You are the Light
You are the Sound
You are the Now
To Whom

You are the Aad…
You are Jugaad…
Oh’ Perfect Grace…
Siree Gurparsaad

You are the Essence
You are the Form
You are the Source

Saturday, 24 January 2009

"Labour's Debt Crisis"

Friday, 23 January 2009


Just a small post to congratulate Obama for becoming President and showing that the world can change. Hope the future is bright for him, his family and the world!

Monday, 5 January 2009


So the new year is now here, it doesn't feel like it because for most of us kids still studying, exams are around the corner. This year the festive season was canceled for me, at least i thought, but then family came up from London and Sheffield and we had a grand time, chilling out and talking and getting to know one another again after not meeting up for a year now. But in the back of my head all i could think was, I got five exams in January and i haven't even started my revision, i haven't once opened my books! ARGGGHHHHHH! So when everyone finally went to sleep at 2 in the morning after ice-cream, cereal, chocolate milk, Chinese .... junk food basically.... I finally got some quiet to revise. :)

So, now with exams days away, I thought I'd share some exam techniques and tips that's helped me through the times.

The first thing my dad ever taught me.
Work hard - do the best in everything that you do and never say no to helping people as it helps you in the long run and volunteer for everything and anything - it's a good experience and most of the time FUN!
Study Hard - keep looking at your notes, even when you don't have exams because when the exams come, the facts and figures will already be in your head. Never stop looking and trying and practising - its all for the best. And when your teachers predict your something, say, I'm gonna get better, just so your don't get lazy and think your don't have to put the effort it.
Play Hard- Learn to chill out. Go for a walk or a run. Play on the PC, on the Wii, on your DS or PlayStation's. Anything. Just not for too long, go for half an hour breaks and then get back to studying. REMEMBER THE MORE TIMES YOU READ SOMETHING THE MORE CHANCE IT HAS FOR STICKING IN

Do as many past papers as possible. The examiner can only ask you certain questions, if you've done all the past papers available and re-do them, then your set. But remember, keep doing them, even when you know the answer, this will help with exam technique and calculations. Go step by step and show all your workings out - you get marks for these !! A lot of the exams today are new so there might not be past papers, see if there's anything similar and if not,m write your own questions and answers separately. Then in a week or two's time, answer them or do this with a friend. The more practice you get the better.

Make sure you eat well the night before the exam as it's this food that'll give you energy for the nest morning and breakfast helps to keep your tummy happy and not rumble and put you off your exam. If your not a breakfast person then get up half an hour earlier, get ready and do something for that half an hour an hour spare, then eat - it's not morning now, you've been up half an hour more already. Or you could make it the night before and make something you fancy, anything, it doesn't have to be toast or cereal. It could be a stuffed pitta bread with salad or cheesy beans on toast or even soup.
Sleep is needed. Not too much though. Sleep around 7-8 hours before you have to wake up. No more. The more you sleep the more you want to sleep. Have an average sleep, 7 hours and wake early for the fresh air - it helps and makes you awake and alert. Cold showers help too.

For the days and weeks leading up to your exam, you have to revise! Make a checklist of the topic that you have to learn and the main content - don't make it too detailed. Then from that one word on the checklist, write down everything you can remember. Keep doing this for all the words of your checklist and check against your text books to make sure you've included everything. Make a note in a different colour things you forgot or didn't include, no matter how small. Then re-do this checklist brain check the next day and the next till your exam. This will from one word help you remember everything you need to know. The exam questions will have one word in them to set of the chain reaction of your knowledge. !!

Do you have exam nerves? Well there are things to do to help. Some easy things such as breathing exercises, physical exercises, play hard as well as studying. There are many things to do. Timetables work well but don't be too rigid and stick to it like glue, remember life does go on. As long as each day you do what you planned to do, then that's good. Timetables don't have to be like, what time you have to do things by, it's more of a list of how long you are going to revise what and what you want to achieve. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO IT!!
Sometimes, exam stress and nerves can make you restless, some herbal medicine can help wonders. Things like St Johns Wort or aromatherapy candles - this stimulates your brain to produce nerves to clam you down. Calming yourself then shows that you can reach what you want and makes you strive to be better and it helps your revision as you can concentrate more.
A good website to look at is http://www.thehealthierlife.co.uk/natural-health-articles/mental-health/tips-for-panic-attacks-00884.html JUST REMEMBER EVERYONE HAS THESE PANIC ATTACKS AND STRESS/NERVES, PEOPLE JUST DEAL WITH THEN DIFFERENTLY. FIND THE RIGHT WAY FOR YOU!

Well that's all i have at the moment, let us know your ideas and how you cope.