Saturday, 15 September 2007

Sikh girls dont want sikh guys

Very interesting e-mail i recieved
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Just tell urs all sikh friends n discuss diz real fact matter if u r a sikh or panjabi....coz over 75% sikh gurls don wanna sikh guys as a boy frd or husband coz of some clean shaven charms...if maximum no. of sikh gurls prefer clean shaven guys den wats d impact on todays sikh boys....n wat shud proper sikh guys gonna do....if itz true den consider how much time left for d END OF OURS SIKHISM>>>!!!!dats y todays maximum no. of sikh guys first trimed der moustachs n beard n after some time b cum a complete cuts surds(sardars).and lost der sikhi...even i m also dont deserve as a proper sikh .....but atleast i admited wat i m...yess my appearance look like a sikh guy but pratically n practicing i m like hindus..... And if someones dont agreee wid diz truth tell thems just do one very simple experiment just count how many sikh gurls de knw nears his/hers around n circle...including der sis/daughter...n see how many sikh gurls prefer clean shaven guys n how many sikh gurls prefer proper sikh guys de will gets r right answer...!!!!Also Only only n only ours sikh gurls r responsible 4 both sikh guys n gurls cutting der hairs.....coz over 75% sikh gurls don wanna sikh guys as a boy frd or husband coz of some clean shaven charms.....d modern educated sikh gurls wanna some real gud clean shaven charms for der beauty lyk others gurls had.....and heres d main reason dat why sikh gurls don prefer sikh guys as a boy frd or husband....see everybody making foools sardars making jokes on television,movies n all our new generation modern educated sikh gurls dont wanna part of fun wid sikh guys de jus felts insulted n un comfortable wid sikh guys at any place.....even hindu n muslims gurls alwaz teased sikh gurls since her schul time if someone lyk sikh guys kisses on urs lips kisses on urs face how can ya manage his mustachs n beared don ya think its disgusting n ugly how can ya manage dat after ours modern educated sikh gurls hav so complexs......hindu n and others gurls don give any response to proper sikh guys coz of moustachs n beard and now ours sikh gurls r also included....only d quality,welloff n gud luking sikh guys having affairs wid non sikh gurls coz de know very well ...if 2days sikh gurls dont prefer us den why shud we go any sikh gurls....but here d biggest question iz wat bout d normal n proper sikh guys gonna just felts very very insecured insides dats y 2days most of d sikh guys first trimed der mustachs n beared n after some time b cum a complete cuts surds n lost...sikhi..... u knw next 40- 50 years v can see n find only olds sardars n very next 60-70 years v cant find n see any sardars all r panjabis se cant any last WE LOST OURS SIKHISM VERY SOON COZ OF OURS SIKH GURLS...God Bless...!!!
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