Saturday, 5 January 2008


Yesterday, i realized something
Something i've never known how to say
I nearly lost my dad yesterday
And i realized how much he means to me

I've never known my real mum
She left me when i was small
I've been brought up in a family
Who always put me and my sis second
Except my dad

My dad, he may be old, he may be tired
But he's experience and wise
He's always been there for us
And only has one dream:
To see his grandchildren as an image of us

Now, 15 years old, i've realized what life is about
And i have to live it....not for anyone
But my dad

He always wanted the best for his kids
And always put us first

But as the oldest....i have to help....
I have to show how much we care
I have to lead by his example

My DAD he's my best friend!!
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