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Read a Random Shabad

Read a Random Shabad

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Pannaa 887

rwmklI mhlw 5 ]
raamakalee mehalaa 5 ||
Raamkalee, Fifth Mehla:

muK qy pVqw tIkw sihq ]
mukh thae parrathaa tteekaa sehith ||
You read the scriptures, and the commentaries,

ihrdY rwmu nhI pUrn rhq ]
hiradhai raam nehee pooran rehath ||
but the Perfect Lord does not dwell in your heart.

aupdysu kry kir lok idRVwvY ]
oupadhaes karae kar lok dhrirraavai ||
You preach to others to have faith,

Apnw kihAw Awip n kmwvY ]1]
apanaa kehiaa aap n kamaavai ||1||
but you do not practice what you preach. ||1||

pMifq bydu bIcwir pMifq ]
pa(n)ddith baedh beechaar pa(n)ddith ||
O Pandit, O religious scholar, contemplate the Vedas.

mn kw k®oDu invwir pMifq ]1] rhwau ]
man kaa krodhh nivaar pa(n)ddith ||1|| rehaao ||
Eradicate anger from your mind, O Pandit. ||1||Pause||

AwgY rwiKE swl igrwmu ]
aagai raakhiou saal giraam ||
You place your stone god before yourself,

mnu kIno dh ids ibsRwmu ]
man keeno dheh dhis bisraam ||
but your mind wanders in the ten directions.

iqlku crwvY pweI pwie ]
thilak charaavai paaee paae ||
You apply a ceremonial tilak mark to its forehead, and fall at its feet.

lok pcwrw AMDu kmwie ]2]
lok pachaaraa a(n)dhh kamaae ||2||
You try to appease the people, and act blindly. ||2||

Ktu krmw Aru Awsxu DoqI ]
khatt karamaa ar aasan dhhothee ||
You perform the six religious rituals, and sit wearing your loin-cloth.

BwgiT igRih pVY inq poQI ]
bhaagat(h) grihi parrai nith pothhee ||
In the homes of the wealthy, you read the prayer book.

mwlw PyrY mMgY ibBUq ]
maalaa faerai ma(n)gai bibhooth ||
You chant on your mala, and beg for money.

ieh ibiD koie n qirE mIq ]3]
eih bidhh koe n thariou meeth ||3||
No one has ever been saved in this way, friend. ||3||

so pMifqu gur sbdu kmwie ]
so pa(n)ddith gur sabadh kamaae ||
He alone is a Pandit, who lives the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

qRY gux kI Esu auqrI mwie ]
thrai gun kee ous outharee maae ||
Maya, of the three qualities, leaves him.

cqur byd pUrn hir nwie ]
chathur baedh pooran har naae ||
The four Vedas are completely contained within the Lord's Name.

nwnk iqs kI srxI pwie ]4]6]17]
naanak this kee saranee paae ||4||6||17||
Nanak seeks His Sanctuary. ||4||6||17||

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