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Don't loose your good virtues

This Shabad is by Guru Raam Daas Ji in Raag Bairaaree on Pannaa 719

bYrwVI mhlw 4 ]

hir jnu rwm nwm gun gwvY ]

jy koeI inMd kry hir jn kI Apunw gunu n gvwvY ]1] rhwau ]

jo ikCu kry su Awpy suAwmI hir Awpy kwr kmwvY ]

hir Awpy hI miq dyvY suAwmI hir Awpy boil bulwvY ]1]

hir Awpy pMc qqu ibsQwrw ivic DwqU pMc Awip pwvY ]

jn nwnk siqguru myly Awpy hir Awpy Jgru cukwvY ]2]3]

Bairaaree, Fourth Mehla:

The Lord's humble servant sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord's Name.

Even if someone slanders the Lord's humble servant, he does not give up his own goodness. ||1||Pause||

Whatever the Lord and Master does, He does by Himself; the Lord Himself does the deeds.

The Lord and Master Himself imparts understanding; the Lord Himself inspires us to speak. ||1||

The Lord Himself directs the evolution of the world of the five elements; He Himself infuses the five senses into it.

O servant Nanak, the Lord Himself unites us with the True Guru; He Himself resolves the conflicts. ||2||3||

Guru Sahib pre-warns us that we will encounter someone who will do ninda or chugli, etc. When we face that we should not lose all the good virtues we have attained with the blessings of Guru Maharaj and exchange them for the negative vikaars.

Unfortunately the world is engrossed in vikaars, that is why we live in kalyug. Rather than enjoying the blessings of Guru Ji, they engross themselves in these vikaars. Often this becomes a cycle of vikaars, where one incites another and they both get more angry.

Guru ji requests to maintain our Gursikhi, our humility and our focus on the positive path we follow. Many of you will know of Bhai Rama Singh ji. I was fortunate to spend any years in the sangat of Bhai sahib. When Bhai Sahib became the Jathedar of Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK, the leader of another sikh organisation in UK wrote article against Bhai sahib in which he stated Bhai sahib was a “low caste hindu indian government agent.” This upset alot of sangata all over UK and Europe.Then the mention of caste is something that no sikh should ever reduce himself to.

Bhai Sahib was from a hindu background, but was a true Khalsa, and one of the most Panthic people that I had ever met. He had left everything for sikhi, and dedicated himself for the Panth. In the eight years since I kept my kesh, I have heard many people talk of Panth, and only a handful actually do something for the Panth. Bhai Sahib did something.

A few days later I was at a rainsbhai where I met Bhai Sahib. I said to Bhai sahib, I think a response should be written by the youth. He put his hand on my shoulder and said,"leave it, it is irrelevant. Do not let anyone distract you from the seva for the Panth". He said, "At the times of Guru Nanak, so many people put Guru ji down, swore at him, and were jealous of him. But it is Guru Nanak who is remembered everywhere today. All them gallan are forgotten. "

Bhai sahib was right, sometimes we are so easily distracted from our seva. People are always going to say things. But they are irrelevant. Seva is a blessing, and one should focus on that. I remember sitting there thinking, how some people must have such "bad karams", that they could of had darshan of Sahib Siri Guru Nanak dev ji. For they lived when he walked with his darshan on this earth. Yet they slandered him, and were jealous of him. In the same way, whoever wrote that article, probably never met bhai sahib, but chose to slander him. We should not be incensed, but realise not do sanjh (share) these bad karams and vikaars. We should appreciate all the goodness and Gursikhi around us.

Later I learned that many Gursikhs from their own jathebandi that the article writer led, admonished him out of their respect for Bhai Rama Singh ji.

Bhai sahib was above praise and slander, both were irrelevant to him. He had attained Sehaj, which is one the most difficult stages to attain. Can anyone ever remember Bhai sahib raising his voice, or doing anything negative. He always had a smile, filled with contentment. It is his pyar, grace, affection, humility, virtues which are ever-present on the stage on Sehaj. He loved everyone, and did no difference with anyone. Such is the value of a Jeevan, and these were the virtues of Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev ji, and Bhai sahib was his sewak.

In the same way, we have so many youth learning and experiencing Gursikhi, it is important that all focus on doing more positive seva and not let ourselves be distracted by vikaars of others. In time people only remember the positive seva, and hopefully more people locally will build jeevans like Bhai Rama singh ji.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

- taken from an e-mail

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