Monday, 2 August 2010

Camp in Leeds

Last week was the annual camp at Chapeltown Gurdwara in Leeds. Each year they have the week camp for all ages based on a theme. This years theme was Raj Karega Khalsa. The talks that were given inspired many kids. We spoke about Baba Deep Singh, Mai Bhago, Bhai Hari Singh Nayal and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderwale.

Originally uploaded by HKaur92

Originally uploaded by HKaur92

There was a very goof turn out during the week. The campers were able to ask questions and discuss our history and what makes us a KHALSA.

On Thursday the 7 and unders group and the 8-10 group went to the Royal Armouries to have a look at the armour of the soldiers and to look at the shastars. We also saw birds of prey and horses. The horse show was very funny especially when the horse riders missed hitting the boars which were still (we were suppose to imagine they were running in the woods).

Over all the camp was a great success with prizes, medals and t-shirts being given to the campers and inspiring them to become a true and proud Khalsa.

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