Sunday, 29 August 2010

Khalsa Camp 2010

Back from Khalsa Camp 2010. Another year gone by and learning alot more. Can't wait till next year!!

KC is a week away from this chaotic life we all live and allows us to build our jeevan and to meet our guru.

Tag line Discover the Spirit Within

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KC hoodies for the first time.... Amazing

Amazing Lectures

"The Way of a Gurmukh" by Bhai Surjit Singh

How a gurmukh should be and live.

"Panth Di Seva" by Bhai Manvir Singh

Talk on the biggest seva needed to be done by a gursikh. TEACHING and how can we teach...... by being an example for others. Don't need to become a speaker or a leader, just need to live a gursikhi jeevan and help other to do so to.

"Sikhism and Humanism" by Dr Gurnam Singh

Talk on is sikhi logical? Made us all think and made us realise that we can't take things for granted we need to do our own research and be able to talk about what we believe.

"United Sikhs" by Bhai Ravjeet Singh followed by "Sikhi in their Jobs" by Bibi Mandeep Kaur

Talk on the seva united sikhs is doing today and has done and how we can help change lives of people less fortunate.

Followed by talk from Bibi Mandeep Kaur about Sikhi in her job as the first sikh and first woman chapalin in the British Army. She spoke how she hss to fight for Sikhs to wear their dastar and not have to trim their beards. Also she spoke about how she helps these people through hard times and keeps their sikhi strong.

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words" by Bhai Tarsem Singh

Amazing lecture. Very different to all the others. This lecture was told through a story and was rated GG - Gurmukh Guidance, unsuitable for those afraid of facing reality.

"Sarbat Da Bhalla" by Bhai Satnam Singh and Bhai Surjit Singh

What does this mean? We say it everyday in Ardas but do we live by it? Bhai Kanhaiya ji did so did many other gursikhs of the past.

With amazing workshops on various topics such as "Youth and Social Issues" "Family Values" and "Chat with the Elder Singh." In these workshops you were split into smaller groups and rotated through all the workshops and different topics being allowed to broaded your mind and ask questions.

Also Q&A sessions held through out the week answering questions from the questions boxes around around the camp.

Best Part --> Sangat and the Darbar Sahib. Nitnem and Keertan was amazing as always. A chance to put what you learn into practise in the darbar sahib. Learn to have faith in your guru...Learn to speak to your guru and most importantly...Learn to love your guru


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