Sunday, 5 December 2010


I was looking on the internet for a poem that could describe what my life has been like and will continue to be like without Maharaj in it. Below is a poem which I found fitting for the way I have felt, being far from Maharaj.

A Life Without You

A life without you,

What would it be like?
It would be like being in the dark
For the rest of my life.
Without you by my side
I won't be able to see
All the wonderful things
That you once showed me.
A life without you
Would be like no life at all.
It would be like I was trapped
Behind an unseen wall.
Trying to get free
Would be the hardest thing to do
Because without you by my side
I won't have anyone
To help me get through
All the hard times
That I go through.
A life without you,
What would it be like?
It would be like a nightmare
In the middle of the night.
I'd wake up crying,
Wishing you were there
To make it so
I'm not so scared.
A life without you
Would be pure hell,
But hell will not come
As long as you're still in my life,
And still by my side.
So hopefully,
I will never have to endure
A life without you.

My Own Words below:

Everything happens for a reason right?

Every single mistake I have made,
rehat I have broken, has happened for a reason.

I have lost everything,

felt my Sikhi fall through my own hands,
yet I didn't see the hands below mine waiting to catch my Sikhi.
Whilst my Sikhi fell, it shattered into tiny fragments,
so small that no mortal being could ever put back together.

How could I forget, Maharaj never left my life,

it was me who turned my back.
When He made me look below,
I saw an Invisible Being rebuilding my Sikhi.

I couldn't see the Being,

But my heart has started to beat again,
I know it's You Maharaj.

You haven't left me.

I am unable to fathom why You would stay with such an ungrateful
yet I cannot say that I want You to leave me.

As I look down, I see the foundations of my Sikhi being rebuilt,

it's construction is taking so long,
yet I can see that the foundation of my Sikhi, is stronger then
stronger than it's ever been.

I know the construction will be long, hard and gruelling,

but this journey will only make my bond with You stronger.

I understand now Maharaj,

There were cracks in that foundation,
which could be repaired before, but would still have showed.
It had to be knocked down, to be rebuilt again, stronger than it's
ever been.

So I thank You my Beloved, for everything.

I have come to understand,
that sometimes one must lose something,
in order to understand the value of it.

I have come to understand,

that the void in my life,
that I have spent eons searching for,
the love I have been craving,
The One who's embrace I have been searching for,
the love my of life, IS YOU Maharaj

Please forgive me for my many mistakes in the second poem

- copied from an e-group

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