Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day and Sikhi

Many of us today are sending best wishes and valentines day presents to the people we love and care about. My question to you all would be, as a Sikh, has maharaj not shown us that everyday is valentines day?

The first thing we read in Gurbani is - ik oa(n)kaar - there is but one God. Now when I read this, I don't omit the word 'but' because to me that's a crucial word in this translation. It says to me that everything around me has God within it, everything is God, there is nothing but God. Now if we are taught to love maharaj (or God) then should we not be loving each and everything (person, animal, soul) around us?

I should clarify, God isn't some white haired, long beared guy sat above this earth looking down on us (or at least I don't think)..... I like to think that maharaj is within each and everyone us us, that He is here right next to me, just like an invisible friend. 

The second that comes to my mind is the names of the Punj Pyare (5 beloved ones):
Daya Singh: Compassion/Love
Dharam Singh: Faith/Discipline

Himmat Singh: Strength/Courage
Mohkam Singh: Determination
Sahib Singh: Royalty and Nobleness

The first things here is Daya - love. What more could maharaj have done to say love is a key to our life. 

Lastly, each day when we do ardas (supplication) and say 'Sarbat Da Bhalla' - May all live happily and healthily according to Gods Will. Honestly, Sarbat Da Bhalla, means so much more but its hard to find the english words to describe it.

So as a Sikh Valentines day is each and every day and is at the core of Sikhi. Each and everyday we should share our love and the most easiest way to share our love is to SMILE!

Forgive me for any mistakes ... these are just my thoughts. 



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