Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Sing to Save Lives!

I have lost my mind, but so have they
Butchers set out to hang me
To their injustices I have fallen prey

I signed a blank piece of paper
Now I'm a terrorist they say
They have tortured me
Threatened to expire me
And for this, my mind has had to pay

But, if desiring the freedom to BREATHE
Speaking against the ethnic cleansing
Against the oppression, the murder
For all the fallen mothers, fathers, brothers
Sisters, sons and daughters
Makes me a terrorist
Then a FALSE-terror in their eyes I will stay

They want to hang me,
"We murder innocents like you", they say
My existence is a blow to their inhumane ways
It is my Almighty Crown and Mane
This is what they cannot bear to see
So ONE Lion less on this earth today
Is equivalent to
For them to fear and break their ways

They want to hang me
I asked to live in peace they say
But the real butchers and killers
Still roam the streets freely
So why haven't they been made to pay?

I may have lost my mind
But my Love and Faith remain
Buried somewhere deep inside
They want to hang me
I'll never be free they say

Whatever happens is written to be
My only hope is for my Soul to become One
So, for others and not just me
Please sing and please pray
They can take my body
Because my Love is Home with me
Home with me always
Home with me to stay

#FreeBhullar #SikhSpring #KhalsaSpring

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By Iminder Singh

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