Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A weekend of sorrow, respect and honour but also of extremism and violence.

A weekend of sorrow, respect and honour but also of extremism and violence.

Most of us now know that a fellow human being, one of our Soldiers was attack in Woolwich last week - Drummer Lee Rigby. My heartfelt prayers goes to the family and friends of this brave soldier. He fought for this country with honour and should not have died this way.

Many lined the streets of Woolwich with flowers to mark their respect:

 Khalsa Klub from Woolwich Gurdwara laying flowers and paying their respects.
 Local resident leaving note reading:
To a brave hero who never stood a chance against these cowards. May you rest in peace. Love the Singh family, Woodford Green

 Children paying their respects.

As a fellow human being, an unlawful attack and death on any fellow human being such as this is unjustified and hurtful. Each and every human being deserves the right to walk the streets of this great country without the fear of being attacked or abused. 

This weekend we also saw the individuals who committed this act of violence try and justify this attack. To reason could ever justifiy this attack. To take a life, is to hurt the whole of humanity.

To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity --- Nelson Mandela

We also saw the EDL and UAF come head to head outside Downing Street. Bottles were thrown, racists chants were exchanged and differences of opinions were expressed - all to be expected.

What surprise me was these comments by Tommy Robinson from the EDL about the Sikhs.

I was surprised that he firstly knew about the protest/vigil outside Downing Street which has gone of for over a month or so raising awareness on Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar who is on deathrow. Secondly, in the second video, he knew his facts and figures about how many Sikhs fought in the war and what contribution we made.
To that I give him credit.

I am not a supporter of the EDL, nor am I a supporter of the UAF. Both groups had individuals who were very violent on Monday outside Downing Street and both groups have individuals who threw bottles. 

Just because a few in a group are bad: that doesn't mean the whole group is bad. I think, and this is my opinion, both groups have qualities and some things they stand for are honourable, but their actions and their language undermines this honour.


Honour isn't something someone is guaranteed or something that is easily attainable. It is a way of living, a choice made by an individual, an action that is selfless and pure.

The woman who asked attackers for permission to help victim as they still held knives you are one very courageous person and we thank you for this courage and having this kindness and love in your heart for a fellow human being.

This was an honourable act.

Our Soldiers are honourable - they fight for our freedom, our country and for that we are indebted to them all.

All my own opinions, please forgive me if I've offended you.

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