Tuesday, 4 February 2014

1984 Amritsar Raid Statement initial thoughts

Main thing that came out was the British Government advised surprise attack and use of air support but actual attack was not surprise and merely ground attack.

The cabinet inquiry was based on only June 1984. Mainly focused on Operation BlueStar.

The inquiry did look at whether Britain was involved in Operation Black-thunder. No advise given nor was UK forewarned.

Document letters between Thatcher and Gandi in June 84 discussing Operation BlueStar released.

200 files, 23,000 documents looked at. Surviving cabinet members questions. Only 5 further documents released.

Good points by Douglas Alexander (Labour), Rob Wilson (Conservative Reading MP) on the aftermath of Operation BlueStar on accusations of rape, torture and anti-Sikh violence and whether this will be looked at.

Possibility of looking into other operations and the wider 1984 events when those documents are able to be released under the 30 year rule. (at the moment not all documents can be released due to the 30 years not over).

Worth noting:
Key MOD file destroyed under 25 year rule. (destroyed 5 years ago under Labour).
However some of files in this destroyed file had been copied and places in other department files.

(Video and full thoughts to follow)......

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