Tuesday, 4 February 2014

PM David Cameron statement post 1984 Amritsar inquiry

David Cameron (from Facebook)

Thirty years ago, a great tragedy unfolded at the Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar. Many lives were lost and the scars in the Sikh community still run deep. So when documents came to light a few weeks ago raising the possibility that the then-UK Government was involved in the Indian Army’s operation that June, people were shocked, they were angry, and they rightly wanted answers.

I immediately set up an inquiry to find those answers. I tasked the Cabinet Secretary with getting to the truth. He did so, and there are two main findings.

One: around four months before the events, at the request of the Indian Government, a single UK military officer provided some advice. But critically, this advice was not followed, and it was a one-off.

Two: there is absolutely no evidence of UK Government involvement in the operation itself.

This conclusion has been made after a thorough search of some 200 files and over 23,000 documents.

But let me be clear: I want the dialogue between this Government and the Sikh community to continue.

British Sikhs have made – and continue to make – a vital contribution to our national life, from serving in two world wars to running businesses and playing a massive part in our communities today.

I never forget this. I am grateful for it. And I hope the manner in which we have investigated these dreadful events will provide some reassurance to the Sikh community, here in Britain and elsewhere.

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