Monday, 18 November 2013

Introducing the local Conservative Candidate to Willenhall Gurdwara 17 November 2013

On the 17th of November, I introduced Douglas Hansen-Luke to Willenhall Gurdwara sangat (congregation). For me, voting is very important. We are taught about equality and freedom as Sikhs but with this comes responsibility. One of the responsibilities we have is voting for the party that best represents our views. 

You can see my introduction here:


Douglas is the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Walsall North, which includes Willenhall.

On Sunday he read out the Prime Ministers gurpurb message.
"Message from the Prime Minister
“My best wishes to British Sikhs celebrating the birth of Guru Nanak Dev. You help make Britain a brighter, better and more successful nation.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Britain’s Sikh communities for all they do for our country. You make an enormous contribution to Britain in so many ways. From hardworking families that are doing the right thing to entrepreneurs and businesses that are helping create prosperity; from excelling in science and public service to achieving in the arts and sport, your role in our nation is a shining example of how communities can integrate and succeed while retaining a strong and proud identity.”

Throught the morning, Douglas got to know the local sangat. Douglas spoke to various people about what he can offer Willenhall and the community, he listened carefully to the individuals who are wanting to create a British Sikh School in the area, and supported the sangat's (congregations) petition for a speed bump on the road of the Gurdwara.

Photos from the day can be found here.

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